Asaro Planes of the Head

I originally sculpted this study of the Asaro Planes of the Head (made by John Asaro quite a few years ago and made it available to download. I had lost that ZTL on an old computer, but very recently found a backup on an external HDD. I've spent a little bit of time fixing and cleaning up the sculpt and wanted to make it available to download again. It's still not perfect, but I hope someone finds it useful.



  • ZTL - Contained 3 decimated versions of the Head Sculpt (high, med, low)
  • OBJs - 3 decimated versions of the sculpt in OBJ format (high, med, low) 
  • FBX - 3 decimated versions of the sculpt in FBX format (high, med, low) 
  • Marmoset 3d viewer file - Free 3d viewer from
  • Marmoset Toolbag 4 file - For those with a Toolbag license who want to be able to add/change the lighting/materials
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